Wednesday, October 29, 2014

GA/GI 2015 Moves to MAY


Our new date is Unblurred First Friday on May 1, 2015.

The Sixth annual Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival wants to travel the world in it's overall prospective; showcase how we live, create and invent in various and diverse communities. We'll celebrate cultural cross-overs and why America does it best!

GA/GI 6: 
Global Reboot
Unblurred on Penn, Friday, May 1 

Looking at and celebrating
New launches from Old ideas
Funky Tech collaborations/games
Global green ideas that work anywhere
Fashion collaborations/Recycles
Global Music

Christine Bethea
Director, Team GA/GI

Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Saturday and its still GA/GI

Sat/Eco and Tech Talks at Most Wanted Fine Art starting at noon

Check out the "Xtra" Events Tab above for these events happening over GA/GI Weekend. Below, a sampling.
Sat/Tchotkes still for sale at Mostly Mod & Artica

Sat/Brian Kane's Private Fashion

Brian Kane's Balloon

Sat/Secret History of Love @ Kelly Strayhorn
Sat/Half Way to Somewhere a the Pittsburgh Glass Center

And Sunday.................

Herencia Africana @ Most Wanted on Sunday

Friday, April 4, 2014

Uncooperative weather? Won't stop GA/GI!

GA/GI got texts galore this morning--"What if it's raining?" OK...We'll dance in it! While some outdoor events may be somewhat effected by the weather, the show goes on! Actually we're looking for a peek of sun and looking forward to seeing all of you! GA/GI is the Hit Pick in Pop City, a Top Ten in Next Pittsburgh, and mentioned in numerous other blogs, news and social media. Also don't forget to check out the "X-tra" events tab for other supported events and activities this weekend. Thanks all for your support!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two Balloon Guys, A Lego Man and a Laser that Blows Green Smoke @ GA/GI

Brian Kane
Brian Kane's  Laser Cut Acrylic

We've got the "air" element on April 4th. Come to find out, that along with internationally known artist Brian Kane's display of sculpted balloons @ Most Wanted Fine Art (5015 Penn), there's also a Kane showcase "Private Fashion, " It's a collection of images exploring the fashion of privacy which includes laser cut acrylics and thermochromatic looks; also there is organic sculpture formulated from foam and clay. More than enough of the weird and fashionable to go around. On the more traditional side, you'll see Brother Strawberry, strolling up and down Penn Avenue. Catch him on the right corner, and  he'll make you a cool hat, or some other cool thingamabob. At the Glass Center (5472 Penn), you'll find Joesph McLaughlin from the CMU/Pitt Quality of Life Technology Center. He'll bring "Woodie" who scoots around in his Lego wheelchair.  McLaughlin will tell how his organization creates systems that help people with disabilities remain independent and healthy. At the International Children's Gallery (5020 Penn), Gordon Kirkwood will demo his Laser Smoke Ring Collider. Is that GA/GI or what?

Artist/Inventor Gordon Kirkwood

From the Quality of Life Tech Center
Look for Brother Strawberry!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fierce Fire Acts; Mini Bots, 80+ Artists Against Fracking Parks, Hot Fashion --sss...and U 2 May Become a Pgh Firefighter @ GA/GI @ Unblurred

Heather White w/CAPA students print fabric @ AIR
All Team GA/GI can say is "WHOA!" We're so happy with our festival line-up we could bungee jump off the Andy Warhol Bridge! A huge section along the Penn Avenue Arts corridor in Friendship/Bloomfield/Garfield/East Lib is brimming with art, tech and entertainment! Almost anywhere you are, there will be a fire performance at dusk. Pick your choice of locations: The Pittsburgh Glass Center @ 5472 Penn has Steel Town Fire; GBBN/EDGE Studios @ 5441 Penn has Pyrotopia, or outdoors at Carl's TV @ Penn and Winebiddle you'll see Sirkus Dayz.

Steel Town Fire
In addition, we can't tell you how much you'll enjoy the multitude of other performances, displays, art exhibits and eco/tech talks happening GA/GI weekend. Here's a partial line-up of venues that are all on board on Penn Avenue: Commonplace/Voluto (5467), Modern Formations (4919), Artisan Tattoo and Cafe (5001), Image Box (4933), Irma Freeman Center (5006), Attorney, J Walter's Tango Dance Hall (5005), Most Wanted Fine Art (5015), International Children's Gallery (5020), Roboto Project/ Bunker Project (5106), The Kincaid Community Garden Project (Penn & Pacific), Clay Penn (5111), Mostly Mod & ARTica (5110), Assemble (5125), Artists In Mission (5159), BFG Cafe (5335), Edge Studio (5441), Kelly Strayhorn (5530) and Future Tenants (5807)come from downtown to our side of town! Going Viral at GA/GI: Artists Against Fracking @ Garfield Artworks (4931) an exhibition with over 80 Pittsburgh Artists showing; many nationally and internationally known. Buy art and 1/3 of the proceeds going to the cause. Our ever popular fashion show at the Pgh Glass Center from 8:30-9pm features looks by: Crazy Hot Clothes, Streetheart, Sew Addicted, Casa de Bolas, Katy Dement, Jess Chernovet, and Elaine Healy. Hair and Make-up by Salon Christine. Special guests: CAPA High School's Design Department instructed by Karien Paige and Heather White. 

Ziller curates Artists Against Fracking
Don Jones' Minibots
Don't miss hot spots like Verde @5491 Penn where you can eat ultra fino Mexican food and down an "El Bombero," flaming cocktail.. You'll meet members of your city fire department at the Fire Safety/Family Circle and PGH Glass Center.

Bands performing during GA/GI Unblurred include; Pet Clinic, When the Planets, Grand Sanfu and others.

After GA/GI Fest @ Unblurred party like its 1999! The Billobox's Pandemic dance party--Global Dance
Hall! Balkan beat, gypsy brass, Afro rhythms, Tropical bass and more 9:30 pm to 2 am. Cover charge $6

Check out the 4/4 unblurred events tab for more details details. Also see the X-tra Events tab for Saturday 4/5 and Sunday, 4/6.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Your Future Pet: Tee Rex Has Cats 'n' Dogs 'Nat @ GA/GI

Cotton Factory @ past GA/GI Tee Rex Syndicate
Tee Rex knows how to throw a GA/GI party. Since our inaugural event, they've been pulling out the stops to create the coolness factor at every April Unblurred since 2010.  This year they're reigning cats and dogs--that's making them a high priority--and helping to find them homes. Come to their space at 5440 Penn from 6-10 pm on April 4th, and meet your future pet. Kopy Kat Sanctuary will be there, A special group who cares for their animals for a lifetime or until they are adopted into loving homes. You'll also meet the folks from "The Proper Pitt Bull," a new education, advocacy and rescue organization for the breed. If you donate $10 to either organization, you get a free $5 Tee from Tee Rex. In fact, while your there, check out all their "irrationally affordable" hand-printed Tees. That's just what's inside....outdoors, enjoy Mexican fare from Brassero Grill's Food truck. They make it all from deceptively simple-looking tacos and burritos to high south-of-the-border cuisine. Chase it all down with cold beverages from another Tee Rex guest--East End Brewing. Join the event on Facebook

GA/GI Fashion Show Hotter Than H--E double Hockey Sticks!

GA/GI brings back a Fashion Runway Favorite! For our 5th Anniversary--as in our inaugural year--we're doing a full, glitzy, music-funked, glamtastic runway show that will have you on your feet cheering. The show is from 8-9:30 pm at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, 5472 Penn Avene, where you'll also see "Half Way To Somewhere," a collaborative art glass exhibition.

The fashion line-up is amazing and includes recycled look from students at CAPA school for the performing arts and up-cycled styles from other emerging Pittsburgh fashionistas...more to come, but in the meantime a 2014 tease: Paper dresses by Katy Dement! and a few GA/GI fashion flashbacks. MORE TO COME....

2014 Teaser: Katy Dement's paper dresses in the 2014 "Hotter Than Hell," fashion show line-up

 GA/GI Fashion Flashbacks 2010-2013!
+ See fashion in our videos. Click our "Flashback" Tab

The jaw-dropping glass bikini

Neighborhood Academy
Styled by Angie Fec In the PGC hot Shop

Friday, March 14, 2014

News Flash! Tech Shop's Burning Piano Tours To GA/GI Fest!

Fire Piano from Tech Shop
We got it on loan from Tech Shop, Pittsburgh, whose mission is democratize the tools of innovation and make technology come true.
See what this hot property does at the Pittsburgh glass Center, Friday April 4, GA/GI Festival @ Unblurred. Below: Another great piano burning moment in history with Jerry Lee Lewis (Movie adaptation 1989 with Dennis Quaid/Directed by Jim McBride/Orion Pictures)

Highmark gives GA/GI Fest High Marks, and Lights Festival Torch!

"We're supporting your Fire Safety/Family Circle," announced Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield. GA/GI couldn't have found a more perfect sponsor for this "event within an event" which will host a series of family-friendly programs and activities. Sirkus Dayz, that astonishing fire performance troupe of all theatrical disciplines and ages, will thrill the crowd, by spinning, twirling, dancing, skipping, undulating and setting themselves ablaze for your enjoyment. (see a sampling in our left column) Also on  hand will be the American Red Cross with a well-spring of information for families. You'll also get up-close with Pittsburgh fire fighters, who will bring their truck and and a lot of goodwill. The FS/FC is also where you'll meet Becky Keck, a resident Artist from the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Keck is really an art scientist who has created a new kind of kiln. She'll demo and cook up some pottery!

Make a Difference One Step At A Time...
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield announces their event "Walk for a Healthy Community." This annual fundraiser helps support the missions of  69 health and human service agencies. Pittsburgh will host the event on May 17, 2014 at Stage AE on the North Shore. Fun includes food, prizes and kids' activities. For info and other locations click here.

Sirkus Dayz

The American Red Cross trains Lifeguards and more. visit
Steps to Becky Keck's Portable Kiln Conversion

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Future Tenants Gets GA/GI!

Named one of Pittsburgh's 10 Best Contemporary gallery spaces by Cultural Trip, Future Tenant, a project of Carnegie Mellon University, is expanding beyond downtown to showcase emerging art talents in communities across the city. GA/GI is glad to welcome Future Tenant to the growing list of events happening the night of April 4th during Unblurred on Penn Avenue. "Vacancy"  is FT's annual fundraiser; so purchase tickets for this one. A VIP happy hour (6-7 pm) kicks off  the event; then (7-11 pm) highlights include an art raffle of work by emerging artists, who have donated their items to the worthy cause; Tequila samplings from Garfield's Verde; a champagne tasting by Bar Marco, and beverage sponsors Straub, Johnny Ryan soda, and Jack's Hard Cider will provide complementary drinks all evening. And appetizer (Yum!) samplings will be provided by local restaurants. Performers include Jakeisrain, C Street Brass, and My Cardboard Spaceship Adventure. Cost: VIP Tickets $50 or 2/$90. Advance tickets/ General Admission $25; Students $20. At the Door/ $30, Students, $25. Location: East Liberty Place North, 5807 Penn Avenue. For advance tickets and information Contact Claire McCandless @  or 814-657-3877

How Does a Community Garden Grow? Learn @ GA/GI

Growing food and Community @ 100 N. Pacific Ave is a collaborative effort of the Garfield Community Action Team (GCAT) and PULSE (Pittsburgh Urban Leadership Service Experience). The two organizations with help from East Field Garden are expanding Garfield's newest community garden located on abandoned land in the 5400 block of Kincaid Street. What started as back yard garden in 2011 had grown to include more than a dozen area households. And just this past fall, work was started to more than double the size of the Kincaid Street Garden, creating space for another 20 families with programs and features for children. Come and learn the whole story....stop by during GA/GI on Friday, April 4th from 6-10 pm for information on urban agriculture and environmental projects in Garfield.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

L G Realty Advisors Gears up GA/GI

LEED Certified--CMU's Robert Mehrabian Collaborative Innovation Center
"We're glad to be partners in this growing community, "Brian Gumberg of LG Realty Advisors, Inc. told GA/GI. LG Realty will be changing the face of the Penn Avenue corridor forever with their purchase of the iconic "Babyland" property at the corner of Penn and Negley Avenue. And in fact, they've been changing the face of Pittsburgh and its surrounding counties since 1923.

The company began in real estate with a focus on brokerage and third party management; then expanded through the mall building boom in the 60's. By 2005, Lawrence Gumberg had launched LG Realty Advisors, which has successfully completed a staggering  number of high profile projects including the Mercy Professional Building, Cranberry Mall, 300 Penn Center Blvd., and the LEED Certified--Collaborative Innovation Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Thanks LG Realty Advisors for joining Team GA/GI!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

HOT Topics to Dance For @ Bunker Hill Projects @ GA/GI

Moriah Ella Mason
Just twelve months ago, GA/GI weekend was used as the launch for  Bunker Projects Artist Residency Program. Before that the space @ 5106 Penn Avenue was a burned out apartment. In short order, the space was lovingly restored to a bright open environment. Currently, the airy loft has hosted and supported over 30 + young adults experimenting in all disciplines of the arts. For GA/GI 2014, The Bunker will present Moriah Ella Mason, an East Liberty business owner and massage specialist who is also the principal of Yes Brain Dance Theater. Referencing a ritual of prayerful empathy from the Passover Seder, artist Moriah Ella Mason focuses her attention on the impact Zionism has had on the Palestinian people.  Identifying Ten Plagues of Palestine the artist strives to mark each home destroyed, refugee exiled, and olive tree uprooted with a drop of red wine on a white paper plate.
Read more on her Indiegogo Page 
Opening: Friday April 4th at 5 pm., guest performances and reception at 10 pm.
Closing Panel Discussion with the artist, activists, and scholars Thursday April 10th at 7 pmHere a sampling of Yes Brain Dance Theater:

Friday, March 7, 2014

Verde's Flaming Support for GA/GI--Bottoms UP with El Bombero!

Verde @ 5491 Penn Avene, is giving our 2014 event the thumbs up with a fund-raising, flaming new drink. Buy this $8 special at Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina, during the GA/GI weekend and $2 will go toward GA/GI's festival fund. It's called "El Bombero," Spainish for firefighters, and we'll be gifting a percentage of  the Verde contribution to our awesome first responders who will be out with big boot, fundraising on GA/GI eve.

"The cocktail is made with Cruzan light rum, passion fruit, Aperol Angostura bitters and lime, said Jeff Catalina owner of Verde. "And 151 proof rum--set on fire, of course."

The drink will be on sale Friday and Saturday during dinner hours from 5 pm to 11 pm and Sunday Brunch.Flame on!

The Geometic Gyre

So our usual, incredible GA/GI performance DJ, James Gyre, IM'd us:

"instead of deejaying ga gi this year 
I was wondering about showing some of my naked geometry work.
 It's lasercutting and I use all natural materials
 like wood, some of it reclaimed pittsburgh wood.... "

So GA/GI replied:

"Are you freakinl kiddin' us? YES!"

James has been a supporting force of GA/GI Fest since its inception in 2010. We couldn't be happier to see him flex his other artistic muscles at our 2014 event. 

Sez Gyre of his art," Naked Geometry produces lasercut art, jewelry & beautiful objects for the home with a focus on geometric design, recycled materials, natural forms & woodworking and we've been building inlaid illustrations, furniture & even all wooden drums!"

He'll be stationed with our other mathematical protege, Louis Boston aka "The Pi Master", at Edge Studios. 5411 Penn Avenue. Here are some examples of his work that will be both displayed and up for sale @ GA/GI!



Wednesday, March 5, 2014


One the gems of Penn Avenue, The Center for Post Natural History @ 4913 Penn Avenue, always has sights to behold and it's open Friday, April 4 from 5-8pm, and again on Sunday, April 6 from noon to 4 pm. From atomic age rodent samples taken from the Smithsonian to deliberately altered organisms that include a red canary, this small but wondrous site will keep the curious with their noses to glass for hours. Free to the public, fun for the family! Click here.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Susan Wagner: Knocking It Out Of the Park for GA/GI

The BFG Cafe with a 4.4 Google rating and high marks as well from Urban Spoon, will be the host of a rare retrospective of work by Pittsburgh artist, Susan Wagner. Wagner, whose incredible bronze figures of  hometown sports greats like former Pirates' Mazeroski, Clemente and others, ground areas throughout PNC Park. For the Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival on Friday, April 4th, she will host a one woman show which includes her 2-D work.The exhibition will be at BFG's  location in Garfield, 5335 Penn Avenue.

"GA/GI is a great opportunity to show the complete rage of my art through the years, " said Wager. Right in the community where she lives and works. Art styles will range from realism to the abstract. All of which Wager does in addition to her nationally acclaimed bronze statues. To visit her website, click here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Artists Against Fracking Unite @ GA/GI

3/27 Update--80 Artists and counting.....

 Garfield Artworks @ 4931 Penn Avenue, has generously agreed to host a large scale exhibition that will help raise funds for "Protect Our Parks," (POP)--not the first time, owner Manny Theiner and other Penn Avenue galleries have rallied behind a good cause. As part of the GA/GI Fest programming, artists can submit work that will be sold during the evening of the April 4th Unblurred for the "Artists Against Fracking" art exhibition. One third of the proceeds will go to support POP. Interested art partners should contact Bob Ziller at or call him at 412-606-1220.

POP is "A broad coalition of individuals, grassroots groups, and environmental organizations, working to prevent toxic fracking of the public parks in Allegheny County." The group's describes itself on their recently launched website. and supporters include two organizations from Garfield/Friendship--GA/GI Fest's hosting community--the Thomas Merton Center and Garfield neighbor Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP).

Friday, January 31, 2014

Living the Life of Pi

Every time Louis Boston II heard the Westinghouse Castle bells chime near the home where he grew up, he felt a kindred bond to inventors, like Nikola Tesla. In fact he felt very much inspired by those bells, which in later years were in part responsible for his attending Syracuse University, where he received a degree in telecommunications. After spending years traveling, seeing lots of the world, Louis is now back in his own "back yard," and doing great things. Artistic things, in fact. He's recently launched a series of artworks based on the mathematical equation of Pi.GA/GI calls him "The Pi Master."

"I enjoy an the entire range of mathematical topics. Pi, binary codes, Mathematical constants, formulas and anomalies, and prime numbers too." And out of his fascination with numbers, grew some very compelling art, which is constantly expanding.

"GA/GI Fest will be my first opportunity to showcase my work to the public. I am very excited about it!" Boston will be showcasing at EDGE Studios, 5411 Penn Avenue, along with other local artists, and his  Pi art is for sale!  Meet him on Friday, April 4 at EDGE Studios, which recently joined GBBN Architects, winners of numerous state and local design awards. Read all about it here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Glass Notes: Rogers and Calimpong

They came together last year to experiment. Two guys "Halfway To Somewhere," the artists, Brent Rogers and Granite Calimpong, named their upcoming show, since both are mid-career and their work was produced in tandem as part of a dual art residency at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  They wanted to try new ideas and create work in a nonlinear way, using different materials with  new approaches, and processes. The results are a series of pieces where each had to do some give and take. Calimpong’s work is typically blown and cold worked glass that is simple and clean with a focus on the form and surface. Rogers’ work, on the other hand, focuses more on content rather than form. During the six-week residency and production of the work, joint decisions ruled the final outcome. Ultimately their exhibition is about the journey they both experienced creating art together. Said Calimpong," having a dedicated period of time at the Pittsburgh Glass Center has been amazing for both of us and our development. It's the first big show for both of us."  Which is, according to Rogers, "a refreshing blend of old and new." There is an opening reception for the pair on Friday, February 7, from 6-9 pm. The exhibition continues through GA/GI Fest, Friday, April 4th and remains open unil April 20. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get Your Tchtochkes, Here!

informal / 1. A small object that is more decorative than functional. A trinket.

Child's art on the wall of the PCA

"We've all been dying to clean out our art studios, wood shops, attics and basements," said Bernie Schilling, co-owner of MOSTLY MOD and ARTica Gallery @ 5110 Penn Avenue. " I have 27 boxes to go through. GA/GI Fest has given us an excuse to move all these wonderful items forward, so we're unearthing some really amazing things and putting them up for sale." 

 GA/GI on Friday, April 4th became the inspiration for "THE GREAT PENN AVENUE TCHOTCHKE SALE: Featuring cool stuff from MOSTLY MOD, ARTica and Churak's Junk Company.

Team GA/GI was told to point out that it's the selling of more than just mere trinkets. It's lots and lots and lots of trinkets along with dozens of other noteworthy items!  In fact, all that that this stalwart group of three mega collectors, mod enthusiasts and decorator/designers have been holding (and hoarding but never actually using) is now up for sale to the general public. And it's quite a treasure trove. The objects include glassware, books, boxes, dolls, trays, lamps, toys, clothing, fine art, decorative art, housewares, textiles, jewelry and the like that have not seen the light of day since they were acquired and stored away or tucked away in a personal stash. 

"There will be items everyone from artists, to interior designers to children will want, " said Christine Bethea ARTica's  half of MOSTLY MOD, and GA/GI's founder. "Honestly....I don't even know where to begin. But I see this sale as an upcycle/ recycle opportunity. We're doing our part to save the planet."

Joining the pair will be Mary Lou Churak, owner of Churak's Junk Company located at Ohio River Antiques, 4331 Ohio River Blvd.  Mary Lou is advertised on Yelp as doing clean-outs, estate liquidations, antiques, collectibles and more. She'll be at the helm of the tchotchke madness, selling out in front of the shop.