Friday, March 7, 2014

The Geometic Gyre

So our usual, incredible GA/GI performance DJ, James Gyre, IM'd us:

"instead of deejaying ga gi this year 
I was wondering about showing some of my naked geometry work.
 It's lasercutting and I use all natural materials
 like wood, some of it reclaimed pittsburgh wood.... "

So GA/GI replied:

"Are you freakinl kiddin' us? YES!"

James has been a supporting force of GA/GI Fest since its inception in 2010. We couldn't be happier to see him flex his other artistic muscles at our 2014 event. 

Sez Gyre of his art," Naked Geometry produces lasercut art, jewelry & beautiful objects for the home with a focus on geometric design, recycled materials, natural forms & woodworking and we've been building inlaid illustrations, furniture & even all wooden drums!"

He'll be stationed with our other mathematical protege, Louis Boston aka "The Pi Master", at Edge Studios. 5411 Penn Avenue. Here are some examples of his work that will be both displayed and up for sale @ GA/GI!



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