Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Meet Your Future Pet: Tee Rex Has Cats 'n' Dogs 'Nat @ GA/GI

Cotton Factory @ past GA/GI Tee Rex Syndicate
Tee Rex knows how to throw a GA/GI party. Since our inaugural event, they've been pulling out the stops to create the coolness factor at every April Unblurred since 2010.  This year they're reigning cats and dogs--that's making them a high priority--and helping to find them homes. Come to their space at 5440 Penn from 6-10 pm on April 4th, and meet your future pet. Kopy Kat Sanctuary will be there, A special group who cares for their animals for a lifetime or until they are adopted into loving homes. You'll also meet the folks from "The Proper Pitt Bull," a new education, advocacy and rescue organization for the breed. If you donate $10 to either organization, you get a free $5 Tee from Tee Rex. In fact, while your there, check out all their "irrationally affordable" hand-printed Tees. That's just what's inside....outdoors, enjoy Mexican fare from Brassero Grill's Food truck. They make it all from deceptively simple-looking tacos and burritos to high south-of-the-border cuisine. Chase it all down with cold beverages from another Tee Rex guest--East End Brewing. Join the event on Facebook

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