Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ASSEMBLE gets "THE DROP" on Science @ GA/GI Fest 2014

"A drip is a drop. A drop is nature. Nature is beautiful..."  words from children's lore of the 1960's that are still so true. So, it's not surprising "The Drop Project" is the title of an innovative art and science venture being featured the entire month of April at ASSEMBLE, a space for art and technology (5125 Penn Avenue).

Three young women, Kristen Reynolds, Ann Payne and Molly Mehling aim to "personify  aquatic ecosystems in order to create repeatability to our everyday lives." Their interactive exhibit will combine sustainability, cutting edge science communication, and marketing techniques into an informative exhibit. It will be based on sound science and strong on visual, tactile, and new media. They hope to combine the “familiar with the unfamiliar” and  create connections between individuals, communities, and their local watersheds. The event debuts at GA/GI Fest on Friday, April 4.

Kristen Reynolds

Molly Mehling

Ann Payne

Monday, December 16, 2013


Brian Kane's Air sculpture
MFA goes all out on Friday, April 14 @ Unblurred, with events extending to Saturday, April 15, 2014! Most Wanted Fine Art at 5015 Penn Avenue, is preparing an eyeful of colorful and wonderful artistic events that the entire family can enjoy from the top floor to the gallery basement.

by Aaron Shafer
by Jason Woolsalyer
Special guest Brian Kane from Cambridge, Massachusetts, will be presenting his internationally famous inflatable art including the OMG air sculpture and a anatomical heart with a special surprise. Other exhibiting artists include pop mixed media by Jason Woolslayer and animation-style micro "stories" by Aaron Shafer. You'll also enjoy the "App Expo," a project by two people with the coincidental first names of Ashley--Andrykovitch and Andrews respectively, who explore technological concepts through visual art. They'll be sharing their "Codefest"app and other technological advances developed this year. The evening's music performances include Grand Snafu, Then in the gallery's basement, there is Lo-Fi art by William Wright made from child friendly "paints'--Kool-aid, milk and crayons. Saturday, April 15, you'll also enjoy more of the "App Expo" with Andrews and Andrykotitch giving technology talks about "Whoa Buddy," which they entered in a Google competition last year. They'll also dish on their recent project at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  Later in the evening, spoken word, a live DJ and a dance party from 7 pm to 11 pm. Check our GA/GI schedule of events for updates closer to the festival date.
by William Wright


Sunday, December 15, 2013


"How do you top a glass bikini?" That was the subject on the minds of GA/GI's Fashion Division which is always one of the first committees to meet each year. Thinking of how to take innovation, tech and environmental concerns and make them sexy enough to walk down a runway takes a full think tank: GA/GI Fashion Director, Kristin Barker; Paige Ilkanipour, Becky Smith, their team at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and a host of other fashionistas are on top of it. But don't think its easy. Every year, they have to figure how to make fashion fit in, look fabulous and do it on a (pardon the pun) bikini string budget,
Kristin Barker

The theme to hang their hats on this year is "Earth, Wind and Fire." Hence Ms. Barker's sub plot for the fashion showcase: "Hot as Hell." They're working this idea from a number of angles, primarily hoping to get the city's fire department involved in some way, and they are going to have fashion from professionals as well as schools and universities. (More on that later!) In the mean time, look forward to more fashion updates in the near future.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Geek Art/Green Innovator's festival Hits 5-year Milestone

Since 2010 The Geek Art/Green Innovator's Festival, affectionately known as GAH-gee, has been highlighting and presenting the most unique and innovative art, technology and environmental ventures the city has to offer as part of the "Unblurred" First Fridays, art crawl series held on Penn Avenue in the Garfield business district. Event Director, Christine Bethea, chose the over all theme for the fest: "Earth, Wind and Fire,"

She won't pretend the name didn't come from the well known band spawned in the late 1960's.
"This group had a phenomenal history, " said Bethea, "According to Rolling Stone, their sound spanned every genre: pop, rock, jazz, funk, disco, and gospel. GA/GI is just like that too. We look to a variety of ventures, ventures, projects and programs to make our event unique." She saw their name as a great jump off point for the festival's 5th Anniversary year. "GA/GI fest is all about retro and reuse, but also about emergence and innovation. You can't go forward without stepping back a bit."

They've been through four years of evolution ourselves. This year, they are going to take things to a different level, starting with the retooling of their popular fashion segment as a full showcase, something they haven't done for the last two years.They are also getting more involvement from organizations like Tech Shop, and creating new collaborations.The fest will also feature more children's Saturday activities the morning following Friday's Unblurred. Look for more theater and music; some amazing special guests. And fun with other international events coming up in April 2014. click here. Check back with the blog!