Saturday, March 8, 2014

HOT Topics to Dance For @ Bunker Hill Projects @ GA/GI

Moriah Ella Mason
Just twelve months ago, GA/GI weekend was used as the launch for  Bunker Projects Artist Residency Program. Before that the space @ 5106 Penn Avenue was a burned out apartment. In short order, the space was lovingly restored to a bright open environment. Currently, the airy loft has hosted and supported over 30 + young adults experimenting in all disciplines of the arts. For GA/GI 2014, The Bunker will present Moriah Ella Mason, an East Liberty business owner and massage specialist who is also the principal of Yes Brain Dance Theater. Referencing a ritual of prayerful empathy from the Passover Seder, artist Moriah Ella Mason focuses her attention on the impact Zionism has had on the Palestinian people.  Identifying Ten Plagues of Palestine the artist strives to mark each home destroyed, refugee exiled, and olive tree uprooted with a drop of red wine on a white paper plate.
Read more on her Indiegogo Page 
Opening: Friday April 4th at 5 pm., guest performances and reception at 10 pm.
Closing Panel Discussion with the artist, activists, and scholars Thursday April 10th at 7 pmHere a sampling of Yes Brain Dance Theater:

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