Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Glass Notes: Rogers and Calimpong

They came together last year to experiment. Two guys "Halfway To Somewhere," the artists, Brent Rogers and Granite Calimpong, named their upcoming show, since both are mid-career and their work was produced in tandem as part of a dual art residency at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  They wanted to try new ideas and create work in a nonlinear way, using different materials with  new approaches, and processes. The results are a series of pieces where each had to do some give and take. Calimpong’s work is typically blown and cold worked glass that is simple and clean with a focus on the form and surface. Rogers’ work, on the other hand, focuses more on content rather than form. During the six-week residency and production of the work, joint decisions ruled the final outcome. Ultimately their exhibition is about the journey they both experienced creating art together. Said Calimpong," having a dedicated period of time at the Pittsburgh Glass Center has been amazing for both of us and our development. It's the first big show for both of us."  Which is, according to Rogers, "a refreshing blend of old and new." There is an opening reception for the pair on Friday, February 7, from 6-9 pm. The exhibition continues through GA/GI Fest, Friday, April 4th and remains open unil April 20. 

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