Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Saturday and its still GA/GI

Sat/Eco and Tech Talks at Most Wanted Fine Art starting at noon

Check out the "Xtra" Events Tab above for these events happening over GA/GI Weekend. Below, a sampling.
Sat/Tchotkes still for sale at Mostly Mod & Artica

Sat/Brian Kane's Private Fashion

Brian Kane's Balloon

Sat/Secret History of Love @ Kelly Strayhorn
Sat/Half Way to Somewhere a the Pittsburgh Glass Center

And Sunday.................

Herencia Africana @ Most Wanted on Sunday

Friday, April 4, 2014

Uncooperative weather? Won't stop GA/GI!

GA/GI got texts galore this morning--"What if it's raining?" OK...We'll dance in it! While some outdoor events may be somewhat effected by the weather, the show goes on! Actually we're looking for a peek of sun and looking forward to seeing all of you! GA/GI is the Hit Pick in Pop City, a Top Ten in Next Pittsburgh, and mentioned in numerous other blogs, news and social media. Also don't forget to check out the "X-tra" events tab for other supported events and activities this weekend. Thanks all for your support!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Two Balloon Guys, A Lego Man and a Laser that Blows Green Smoke @ GA/GI

Brian Kane
Brian Kane's  Laser Cut Acrylic

We've got the "air" element on April 4th. Come to find out, that along with internationally known artist Brian Kane's display of sculpted balloons @ Most Wanted Fine Art (5015 Penn), there's also a Kane showcase "Private Fashion, " It's a collection of images exploring the fashion of privacy which includes laser cut acrylics and thermochromatic looks; also there is organic sculpture formulated from foam and clay. More than enough of the weird and fashionable to go around. On the more traditional side, you'll see Brother Strawberry, strolling up and down Penn Avenue. Catch him on the right corner, and  he'll make you a cool hat, or some other cool thingamabob. At the Glass Center (5472 Penn), you'll find Joesph McLaughlin from the CMU/Pitt Quality of Life Technology Center. He'll bring "Woodie" who scoots around in his Lego wheelchair.  McLaughlin will tell how his organization creates systems that help people with disabilities remain independent and healthy. At the International Children's Gallery (5020 Penn), Gordon Kirkwood will demo his Laser Smoke Ring Collider. Is that GA/GI or what?

Artist/Inventor Gordon Kirkwood

From the Quality of Life Tech Center
Look for Brother Strawberry!