Tuesday, March 18, 2014

GA/GI Fashion Show Hotter Than H--E double Hockey Sticks!

GA/GI brings back a Fashion Runway Favorite! For our 5th Anniversary--as in our inaugural year--we're doing a full, glitzy, music-funked, glamtastic runway show that will have you on your feet cheering. The show is from 8-9:30 pm at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, 5472 Penn Avene, where you'll also see "Half Way To Somewhere," a collaborative art glass exhibition.

The fashion line-up is amazing and includes recycled look from students at CAPA school for the performing arts and up-cycled styles from other emerging Pittsburgh fashionistas...more to come, but in the meantime a 2014 tease: Paper dresses by Katy Dement! and a few GA/GI fashion flashbacks. MORE TO COME....

2014 Teaser: Katy Dement's paper dresses in the 2014 "Hotter Than Hell," fashion show line-up

 GA/GI Fashion Flashbacks 2010-2013!
+ See fashion in our videos. Click our "Flashback" Tab

The jaw-dropping glass bikini

Neighborhood Academy
Styled by Angie Fec In the PGC hot Shop

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