Friday, January 31, 2014

Living the Life of Pi

Every time Louis Boston II heard the Westinghouse Castle bells chime near the home where he grew up, he felt a kindred bond to inventors, like Nikola Tesla. In fact he felt very much inspired by those bells, which in later years were in part responsible for his attending Syracuse University, where he received a degree in telecommunications. After spending years traveling, seeing lots of the world, Louis is now back in his own "back yard," and doing great things. Artistic things, in fact. He's recently launched a series of artworks based on the mathematical equation of Pi.GA/GI calls him "The Pi Master."

"I enjoy an the entire range of mathematical topics. Pi, binary codes, Mathematical constants, formulas and anomalies, and prime numbers too." And out of his fascination with numbers, grew some very compelling art, which is constantly expanding.

"GA/GI Fest will be my first opportunity to showcase my work to the public. I am very excited about it!" Boston will be showcasing at EDGE Studios, 5411 Penn Avenue, along with other local artists, and his  Pi art is for sale!  Meet him on Friday, April 4 at EDGE Studios, which recently joined GBBN Architects, winners of numerous state and local design awards. Read all about it here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Glass Notes: Rogers and Calimpong

They came together last year to experiment. Two guys "Halfway To Somewhere," the artists, Brent Rogers and Granite Calimpong, named their upcoming show, since both are mid-career and their work was produced in tandem as part of a dual art residency at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  They wanted to try new ideas and create work in a nonlinear way, using different materials with  new approaches, and processes. The results are a series of pieces where each had to do some give and take. Calimpong’s work is typically blown and cold worked glass that is simple and clean with a focus on the form and surface. Rogers’ work, on the other hand, focuses more on content rather than form. During the six-week residency and production of the work, joint decisions ruled the final outcome. Ultimately their exhibition is about the journey they both experienced creating art together. Said Calimpong," having a dedicated period of time at the Pittsburgh Glass Center has been amazing for both of us and our development. It's the first big show for both of us."  Which is, according to Rogers, "a refreshing blend of old and new." There is an opening reception for the pair on Friday, February 7, from 6-9 pm. The exhibition continues through GA/GI Fest, Friday, April 4th and remains open unil April 20. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Get Your Tchtochkes, Here!

informal / 1. A small object that is more decorative than functional. A trinket.

Child's art on the wall of the PCA

"We've all been dying to clean out our art studios, wood shops, attics and basements," said Bernie Schilling, co-owner of MOSTLY MOD and ARTica Gallery @ 5110 Penn Avenue. " I have 27 boxes to go through. GA/GI Fest has given us an excuse to move all these wonderful items forward, so we're unearthing some really amazing things and putting them up for sale." 

 GA/GI on Friday, April 4th became the inspiration for "THE GREAT PENN AVENUE TCHOTCHKE SALE: Featuring cool stuff from MOSTLY MOD, ARTica and Churak's Junk Company.

Team GA/GI was told to point out that it's the selling of more than just mere trinkets. It's lots and lots and lots of trinkets along with dozens of other noteworthy items!  In fact, all that that this stalwart group of three mega collectors, mod enthusiasts and decorator/designers have been holding (and hoarding but never actually using) is now up for sale to the general public. And it's quite a treasure trove. The objects include glassware, books, boxes, dolls, trays, lamps, toys, clothing, fine art, decorative art, housewares, textiles, jewelry and the like that have not seen the light of day since they were acquired and stored away or tucked away in a personal stash. 

"There will be items everyone from artists, to interior designers to children will want, " said Christine Bethea ARTica's  half of MOSTLY MOD, and GA/GI's founder. "Honestly....I don't even know where to begin. But I see this sale as an upcycle/ recycle opportunity. We're doing our part to save the planet."

Joining the pair will be Mary Lou Churak, owner of Churak's Junk Company located at Ohio River Antiques, 4331 Ohio River Blvd.  Mary Lou is advertised on Yelp as doing clean-outs, estate liquidations, antiques, collectibles and more. She'll be at the helm of the tchotchke madness, selling out in front of the shop.

    Sunday, January 26, 2014

    Kelly Strahorn Highlights "Secret History" @ GA/GI

    Speakeasies, wartime love affairs, police raids, and steamy underground cabarets explode onstage in this powerful work by transgender trailblazer, Dorsey of San Francisco entitled "The Secret History of Love." The tour is made possible by a grant from Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National Endowment for the Arts. An inter-generational cast of 5 dancer/performers will embody the historic narratives-- including acts of violence, first loves, risk, loss and enduring relationships--in the LBGT community in this performance created during the 2-year national LBGT Elders Oral History Project touring 20 cities, including Pittsburgh at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, Friday, April 4 and Saturday, April 5 during the GA/GI weekend at 8 pm. General Admission is $25 with special prices for students and residents in the 15206 zip code. For more ticket information click here.

    Saturday, January 25, 2014

    CAPA Goes GA/GI

    "YES! YES! YES! Your on my syllabus!" said Karen Page, CAPA Adjunct Artist/Educator, when contacting us about her students' participation in our eco fashion show, April, 4th at the Glass Center. Page is the perfect lead for this project. She's had many personal artist triumphs, including workshops in Denmark, Finland, Japan and England, but finally came home to root last summer when she launched her first "Urban Feltmaker" series. She popped up on her bike at art centers all over Pittsburgh happy to teach the eager fiber fans awaiting her.

    Karen Page has worked with GA/GI before, heading up a team of youthful designers to make "Junk" Kimonos, some of the most unique art clothing we've seen to date. We're more than honored to have her back.

    "Karen is so enthusiastic and a master arts educator," said Kristin Barker, GA/GI Fashion Director. "Can't wait to see what gorgeous creations the amazingly talented CAPA students put on the runway this year!"

    Karen Page gave us our first hint: "They'll be trying their hand at RE-styling."

    Karen, Page, CAPA Artist Educator

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014

    GAGI's "FIre Circle" Will Thrill and Educate

    Photo by Fred Williamson/KDKA
    Impressed by the work of the community fire fighter's attacking a blazing Bride's Row earlier this year, Team GA/GI and Penn Ave's Most Wanted couple Jason Sauer and Nina Gibbs decided to invite these paragons of the community to be part of the 5th Anniversary's celebration. In fact, a whole firemen's salute and mini showcase is being planned. A Fire truck will be stationed at Penn and Winebiddle with our finest there to share stories and interact with the community on a non-crisis basis. The American Red Cross will have a booth, and be represented as well. Other's on hand to salute our finest will be a group of fire dancers and a late night Raku Firing Party with the support of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. More on all of this TBA!