Friday, March 7, 2014

Verde's Flaming Support for GA/GI--Bottoms UP with El Bombero!

Verde @ 5491 Penn Avene, is giving our 2014 event the thumbs up with a fund-raising, flaming new drink. Buy this $8 special at Verde Mexican Kitchen and Cantina, during the GA/GI weekend and $2 will go toward GA/GI's festival fund. It's called "El Bombero," Spainish for firefighters, and we'll be gifting a percentage of  the Verde contribution to our awesome first responders who will be out with big boot, fundraising on GA/GI eve.

"The cocktail is made with Cruzan light rum, passion fruit, Aperol Angostura bitters and lime, said Jeff Catalina owner of Verde. "And 151 proof rum--set on fire, of course."

The drink will be on sale Friday and Saturday during dinner hours from 5 pm to 11 pm and Sunday Brunch.Flame on!

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