Tuesday, January 14, 2014

GAGI's "FIre Circle" Will Thrill and Educate

Photo by Fred Williamson/KDKA
Impressed by the work of the community fire fighter's attacking a blazing Bride's Row earlier this year, Team GA/GI and Penn Ave's Most Wanted couple Jason Sauer and Nina Gibbs decided to invite these paragons of the community to be part of the 5th Anniversary's celebration. In fact, a whole firemen's salute and mini showcase is being planned. A Fire truck will be stationed at Penn and Winebiddle with our finest there to share stories and interact with the community on a non-crisis basis. The American Red Cross will have a booth, and be represented as well. Other's on hand to salute our finest will be a group of fire dancers and a late night Raku Firing Party with the support of the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. More on all of this TBA!

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