Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ASSEMBLE gets "THE DROP" on Science @ GA/GI Fest 2014

"A drip is a drop. A drop is nature. Nature is beautiful..."  words from children's lore of the 1960's that are still so true. So, it's not surprising "The Drop Project" is the title of an innovative art and science venture being featured the entire month of April at ASSEMBLE, a space for art and technology (5125 Penn Avenue).

Three young women, Kristen Reynolds, Ann Payne and Molly Mehling aim to "personify  aquatic ecosystems in order to create repeatability to our everyday lives." Their interactive exhibit will combine sustainability, cutting edge science communication, and marketing techniques into an informative exhibit. It will be based on sound science and strong on visual, tactile, and new media. They hope to combine the “familiar with the unfamiliar” and  create connections between individuals, communities, and their local watersheds. The event debuts at GA/GI Fest on Friday, April 4.

Kristen Reynolds

Molly Mehling

Ann Payne

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