Saturday, January 25, 2014


"YES! YES! YES! Your on my syllabus!" said Karen Page, CAPA Adjunct Artist/Educator, when contacting us about her students' participation in our eco fashion show, April, 4th at the Glass Center. Page is the perfect lead for this project. She's had many personal artist triumphs, including workshops in Denmark, Finland, Japan and England, but finally came home to root last summer when she launched her first "Urban Feltmaker" series. She popped up on her bike at art centers all over Pittsburgh happy to teach the eager fiber fans awaiting her.

Karen Page has worked with GA/GI before, heading up a team of youthful designers to make "Junk" Kimonos, some of the most unique art clothing we've seen to date. We're more than honored to have her back.

"Karen is so enthusiastic and a master arts educator," said Kristin Barker, GA/GI Fashion Director. "Can't wait to see what gorgeous creations the amazingly talented CAPA students put on the runway this year!"

Karen Page gave us our first hint: "They'll be trying their hand at RE-styling."

Karen, Page, CAPA Artist Educator

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