Monday, December 16, 2013


Brian Kane's Air sculpture
MFA goes all out on Friday, April 14 @ Unblurred, with events extending to Saturday, April 15, 2014! Most Wanted Fine Art at 5015 Penn Avenue, is preparing an eyeful of colorful and wonderful artistic events that the entire family can enjoy from the top floor to the gallery basement.

by Aaron Shafer
by Jason Woolsalyer
Special guest Brian Kane from Cambridge, Massachusetts, will be presenting his internationally famous inflatable art including the OMG air sculpture and a anatomical heart with a special surprise. Other exhibiting artists include pop mixed media by Jason Woolslayer and animation-style micro "stories" by Aaron Shafer. You'll also enjoy the "App Expo," a project by two people with the coincidental first names of Ashley--Andrykovitch and Andrews respectively, who explore technological concepts through visual art. They'll be sharing their "Codefest"app and other technological advances developed this year. The evening's music performances include Grand Snafu, Then in the gallery's basement, there is Lo-Fi art by William Wright made from child friendly "paints'--Kool-aid, milk and crayons. Saturday, April 15, you'll also enjoy more of the "App Expo" with Andrews and Andrykotitch giving technology talks about "Whoa Buddy," which they entered in a Google competition last year. They'll also dish on their recent project at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  Later in the evening, spoken word, a live DJ and a dance party from 7 pm to 11 pm. Check our GA/GI schedule of events for updates closer to the festival date.
by William Wright


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