Sunday, December 15, 2013


"How do you top a glass bikini?" That was the subject on the minds of GA/GI's Fashion Division which is always one of the first committees to meet each year. Thinking of how to take innovation, tech and environmental concerns and make them sexy enough to walk down a runway takes a full think tank: GA/GI Fashion Director, Kristin Barker; Paige Ilkanipour, Becky Smith, their team at the Pittsburgh Glass Center, and a host of other fashionistas are on top of it. But don't think its easy. Every year, they have to figure how to make fashion fit in, look fabulous and do it on a (pardon the pun) bikini string budget,
Kristin Barker

The theme to hang their hats on this year is "Earth, Wind and Fire." Hence Ms. Barker's sub plot for the fashion showcase: "Hot as Hell." They're working this idea from a number of angles, primarily hoping to get the city's fire department involved in some way, and they are going to have fashion from professionals as well as schools and universities. (More on that later!) In the mean time, look forward to more fashion updates in the near future.

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